Copying Chart in Calc

I have created tables and a chart on sheet 1. Everything works well. No problem. Then I’ve copied sheet 1 (Ctrl+A) and pasted it on sheet 2. Then I changed all values to zero in order to create a template for future years. All the tables changed correctly but the chart is still in its original shape (identical with the one on sheet 1).

Can someone please tell me the correct way to do this. Many thanks.

Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V?.. Weird… Click on the new chart and look at the Data Ranges - maybe the copy of the chart still refers to the previous sheet?

Copy the sheet instead of the cell range (menu:Sheet>Move or copy…).
Instead of switching from sheet to sheet where each sheet has the same layout and chart(s), you may consider to switch data sets on the same sheet by means of scenarios.
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I found a faulty method, so edited my answer accordingly:

  • You have copied from Sheet1, inserted/moved Sheet2 (or Sheet3) to the left of Sheet1 tab, and pasted.


If Sheet2 tab would be to the left of Sheet1 tab:

  • Copy from Sheet1 after inserting/moving Sheet2

If you already copied from Sheet1, and Sheet2 (or Sheet3) tab is (are) to the left of Sheet1 tab:

  • Move Sheet2 (and Sheet3) tab(s) to the right of Sheet1 tab
  • Paste
  • Reorder the sheet tabs

In my examples, Sheet1 name could have any number; Sheet2 name could have any number greater than Sheet1.

Also, the data range of the chart will remain the same if only the chart is copied.

Tested with LibreOffice on Windows 10.

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