Correcting abnormal large text appearance and lack of word wrap

when I open text documents in Libre, the text appears VERY LARGE on my screen even though the font size I selected is small and there is NO WORD WRAP. How do I correct this?

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Have you tried going to View>Formatting Marks to see if there are paragraph breaks at the end of the non-wrapping lines?

Do you have the zoom set to entire page (i.e. View>Zoom>Entire Page) in order to get a good idea of how large the font actually is?


Following @TXDon comment:

Also can try with menu View - Web, but it is not the same.

Thanks… The zoom did it. I did not check that because I never altered it in the first place but it must have changed on its own somehow.

It is easy enough to alter and not actually realize it. While hold down the Ctrl key, move the mouse wheel forward & back. It changes the zoom.