Corrupt ODP file

I have somehow corrupted a presentation (odp) I have been working on. Any help retreving it would be great.

I have tried unziping it but I could not, I guess its not the same as writer docs. Not sure how to proceed. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Some more information:

  • I am using Office 6.4, Ubuntu 20.04
  • The thumbnail is showing up on my owncloud page.

Error message :

Read Error.
Format error discovered in the file in sub-document content.xml at position 2,91731(row,col).


Not very knowledgeable in Impress but try this:

Returned file ------- repaired document.odp

Sorry but can’t say what was wrong. Just extracted files and pasted into a new document.

I much appreciate the time you have saved me. Thank you for being an awesome community player. I trust someone will bless you very soon. :).