Count how many times each team got max points in a matchday

Hello I have a calc file containing the calendar of a fantasy football competition.
I have the results and the points each team has got in every single matchweek

I’d like to get the numer of times each time got the highest points (in columns B and C and H and I

In the example, the first matchweek max is RagazziSpeciali…

How can I get this with calc formulas?
Thank you

Most likely a pivot table is what you need. This requires a bit of data reorganizing, which would be fairly simple if we have the data at hand. With only a picture of the data, we must first type it into a file, before we can even start to devise a suggestion.

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Thanks for the comment keme
here’s the file

Hi danilou2,

that wasn’t so easy. I was unable to create a matrix formula that could solve your question in one formula. I had to use help columns because your data is not in a very formula-friendly form.
Nevertheless the problem is solved. You can hide the help columns at any time, if they disturb you at that point.
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modified document

Thank you very much dscheikey! I was trying to do it with just one formula, yours is a great solution!