Crashes in 24.2.4

OSX 13.6 (Ventura)
LibreOffice 24.2.4

Hi, getting numerous Crashes in Calc since upgrading to 24.2.4

Created a new profile, same result.

Issue did not present in 24.2.3; have reverted back to that version for now.

Have not tried Win or 'nix versions yet, so only reporting on Mac issues.

Anyone else experiencing this?

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maybe attach an example ?

Hi, Pierre, thanks for the response.

Sorry, all I get is the crash dialog. Happening with existing, and new spreadsheets. A lot of times it’s right after cutting via the keyboard.

Have poked around the inter-tubes but am not sure where (or if any) logging occurs.

It’s possible it could be a GPU issue (am still using and older nVidia card), though again, this issue only began with 24.2.4; will play around with safe mode and see if I can reproduce the issue that way…

Me too, but I’ve had problems LO calc crashing ever since I started using it in 2019. It’s crashed this morning once already. I bought a new Mac a year ago and created a new user, with a new LO install. No user or application settings were transferred from the old Mac. LO still crashes.

Sorry I’ve no solution, but you did ask if anyone else was experiencing it.

Version: (AARCH64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 51a6219feb6075d9a4c46691dcfe0cd9c4fff3c2
CPU threads: 12; OS: macOS 14.5; UI render: default; VCL: osx
Locale: en-GB (en_GB.UTF-8); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

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Please test in safe mode, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode

Done all that - safe mode, new user account, uninstall-reinstall app, bought a new Mac and created a new account, installed LO from scratch. It still crashes almost every time I use it. With all the other Calc bugs I see every day I just assumed that it’s still in beta, crashing was just normal and gradually it would get better. That was 6 years ago and counting. Whatever; it’s free and better than having to have M$ on my Mac so I’m happy to live with it, bugs, crashes and all.

Test if changing the options about skia on:
and/or changing the status of

Thanks. I’ve changed the Skia settings (turned it on) but I can’t change the OpenCL setting. At the moment the “allow use of open CL” box is unticked. If I tick it and click OK I get a window to restart LO. When I restart it and go to the open CL preference the box is still unticked. I tried a few times to no avail.

Let’s see how I get on with Skia enabled.

So if you can’t enable OpenCL, please try updating the graphics driver.

First steps to take before submitting a bug - The Document Foundation Wiki(Skia)

“Try updating the graphics driver”. My Mac is up to date. LO is up to date. How would I go about updating a graphics driver?

“First steps to take before submitting a bug…”

Thanks, but I haven’t got a bugzilla account so I can’t submit a bug.

I don’t know Mac, but with Windows sometimes updating drivers directly from the vendor have solved issues for me.

The vendor is Apple. I don’t think that drivers can be updated in the same way that they can on Windows or Linux machines. Thanks for trying to help, though.

Apologies to the OP osxtra - it feels like I’ve hijacked your thread and that wasn’t my intent.

No worries. I now do have a feeling it’s graphics related, and Mac specific. Tested on a Windoze machine (10 v22H2), and a *nix box (Fedora 40), both Intel graphics, no apparent issues.

FWIW my OS is Ventura but I’m still running an old nVidia Titan Black card, which is now about 10 years old, running Metal 2 (not latest 2.2 so, for example, latest Blender won’t run); no way to update drivers thanks to the Fruity company dropping nVidia.

Am sticking with on the Mac for now.

Also not meaning to hijack the thread, but on the subject of logging am not sure where to look for info on crashes, except for system logs. On the Mac, haven’t found any LO specific logs in the user profile folder, except for “skia.log” in cache which doesn’t seem to contain useful info.

Would be nice to know why is crashing on the Mac, but as the previous tick is not, it’s a bit of a mystery. Will crank up the latest version again during some free time for more testing…

Apologies if you know, but you can run Mac’s Console utility to log messages, errors and faults and then hope that LO crashes while its running. Console will also have logs of serious crashes that’s searchable. I’ve not found anything useful for my crashes, but yours might show up. TBH I don’t find Console very much use unless you know precisely what you’re looking for. Good Luck!

Thanks, am aware, should have been more clear when I said “system logs”.

And you’re right, they can be rather cryptic. Nothing stood out last time I looked, but will look again next time it crashes…

can you submit the crash reports ?

I am getting the crashes with Calc - 5 in 5 minutes with the first spreadsheet i created on my new mac with Sonoma. Just cutting and pasting.

No crash report generated: Crash Report Tool

Just restarts with the recover file dialog box.

Sorry for the delay in replying. Same as what @aandolan reported. No crash reporter, just the recovery screen.

FWIW had switched back to after reading your reply and this was the first crash since then. Not sure if this is relevant, but this time it was after opening a CSV in Calc and attempting to copy & paste some cells from one place to another. Have had other .ods docs open - both brand new and existing - without it crashing.

OpenCL is not used per Preferences.