Creating dot grid paper in Writer

Does anyone know how to easily create dotted paper in Writer (e.g. for a bullet journal)? I tried putting spaces between dots but as soon as there are three, they attach together, so maybe there is a way to deactivate this option? If not, I know that MS Word has a template for this kind of paper, but I can’t find one for LO Writer.

To avoid that three dots convert in an ellipsis, interleave dots and spaces.
To revert that three dots convert in an ellipsis, just Undo it (Ctrl+Z) immediatelly.
To disable this behavior, choose Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options… - Options tab and uncheck Use replacement table. Beware that this will disable all replacement table entries.

To avoid the ellipsis issue without changing AutoCorrect, you can use the middle dot (·) or the dot above (˙).
In any case, to avoid adding spaces manually, you can set character spacing of (about) 10 pt.

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I’m not sure what a bullet journal is. Hazarding a guess that it might be a dotted grid. This can be done with a little complexity but not much time.
Writer can already place a visible (not printable) grid on a page with View > Grid & Helplines > Display grid. A screenshot of this page could be used as a background for the page.

  • The grid is quite faint, it can be made darker in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Application colours > * Text Document > Grid by choosing black.
  • The vertical and horizontal spacing of the grid can be altered in Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Grid
  • Take a screenshot of the entire page, crop to grid, adjust levels and convert to greyscale. Save as png.
  • Turn off grid visibility. Click Format > Page style and select the Area tab. Click the Bitmap button, click Add/Import, navigate to your saved png and OK. Still in the Bitmaps dialogue, under Options > Style, select Stretched and OK.

DotGrid.odt (11.9 KB)

You might also have seen some possibilities in using a different image (white with a black dot) and selecting Tiled and choosing spacing to suit. Cheers, Al

On reflection, maybe you want just a dotted line that you can type/write on?

  • Press Space key then Tab key.
  • Select from the beginning of the tab (not including the space) to the end of the tab you just made, in the sidebar click the small dropdown arrow on the Underline icon and choose dotted line. The tab length with have a dotted line below it. Set the end of the tab to the end of the page, or where ever you want it, by clicking in the ruler at the top of the page. Select the underlined space and create a new Character Style from it.
  • You can start writing at the beginning of the initial space you created and your text won’t be underlined.

Thank you, maybe this is the easiest solution, I’ll see if it works.

I don’t know if this is an adequate solution for you, but here is a LaTeX doc I use to print my own Dot Paper.

4mm with Margins
4mm without Margins

It won’t work with Libre, as far as I know, anyway, but if you put that in a TeX interpreter, like Overleaf .com, you can play around with it until it looks like you want it to.

Thank you for your comment, I’ll try doing this.