Creating labels in writer

I’m trying to create a page of little ‘price’ labels - using Writer.
Doing Fine | New | Labels - and selecting Avery A4 / J8658 Mini Labels.
These are tiny labels 2.54cm x 1cm - 7 across and 27 rows per page

I’d like to have the price (as in €9.50) centered vertically and horizontally on the label.
I can ‘sort of’ get horizontal spacing by padding the text (space, space, space €9.50)
but can’t see a way of getting the text centered vertically on the label.

What’s the trick?

Don’t have labels to test but this may be what you need. Can use Align Center (Ctrl-E) for horizontal centering.
For vertical you can add space above the line. Right click text and select Paragraph then Style and I set. My test:

Screenshot at 2022-11-08 17-16-27
resulting in:

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Ah - thank you!
The paragraph setting does the trick beautifully… excellent!

The horizontal centering I can manage just by padding with spaces - but the vertical alignment was vexing me - but now it’s sorted!

Background to all of this is that I used to print these labels using a rather clunky free program provided by Avery (who make the labels), but they discontinued that and made it all cloud-based…
With your clever ‘paragraph’ tweak, Libreoffice will do the job perfectly.


Another attempt:

  • Set a single table cell into the master label
  • Erase the tailing paragraph with shortcut (in table cell) CTRL+SHIFT+DEL
  • Set the table cell’s height to 1 cm (full size of master frame)
  • Set horizontal align to centered
  • Set vertical align (of table!) to center vertical
  • Type the text…
  • Synchronize

See attached document made with ApacheOpenOffice (LibreOffice got some unexpected behaviours - too slow - did not synchronize completely…).

Avery A4 J8658 Mini Labels.odt (17.4 KB)

Thanks for the answer - sounds like that’s another option…
I guess I was looking for a ‘Labels for Dummies’ button that would center the text on the label - but your plan, and the one suggested by Ratslinger give me two workable options…

Many thanks