Creating multiple small size envelopes on an 8.5 x 11" (Letter) paper

I need to make some small envelopes (pouches) with the size of 1" x 1" and use them to store seeds. The envelopes will have a top lid to seal. It should allow me to print a label (number) in the middle. I am thinking to use Libre Writer to create several such a small envelope across and print them on an 8.5" x 11" (Letter) paper. Once printed, I should be able to cut them accordingly and glue the sides together to form an envelope. Is this possible with LibreOffice?

BTW, if there already exists an envelope template with adjustable size, perhaps that will do, too.

If you were to fold the paper only, then this origami method would work and be easy to cut out. You would need squares of paper 2 1/8" so draw a table with squares of that size.

Fold the squares diagonally, fold the hypotenuse corners in to a third of the way along the hypotenuse and tuck one corner inside the other to lock. Fill seeds between upper and lower top flap, fold over top flap

Other methods would involve some fiddly cutting out for the tabs.

Sorry and this is not what I want. BTW, I tried to download the PDF (not a template as declared) file and it kept asking for a password.

I have made you a sample.
But in Draw.

The objects (square, triangle, trapezoid) are grouped.
You just have to adjust the page size and copy and paste the grouped object as many as fit on your sheet.

Print and cut.

small size envelopes.odg

This is what I have been looking to make sans the triangle. I would prefer to do this using Libre Writer as a template so that I can adjust its dimensions. Thank you.

You can copy the grouped object and paste it into writer.

Or you can draw the same in Writer according to your measurements.

Is there a way to make this as a writer template so that everytime when I need to use it, I can ajust the size of the envelope?

Following in ebot’s exemplary footsteps I have attached my packet sample, also in Draw. Double-click on the word Seeds to fill with your own text. Cut in straight lines and fold as directed. Paste may be used but not necessary. Cheers, Al


This will do, too. If there is a Libre Writer template to do this, I will also take it. Thank you.