Cropped Images Look Different between Linux and Windows, can this be fixed?

When I crop an image and resize it, the image looks fine in all versions of LibreOffice 6.1 to 7.0 on Debian and Fedora. However, the image is not cropped in the same way or resized in the same way when I open the Impress Presentation on Windows 10.

Is there some underlying technology that creates that issue, and so cropping should be avoided if moving a file between Operating Systems or is there a fix for this?

I’m cropping and resizing normally PNG graphic files first on Linux, then they look wrong in LibreOffice on Windows.

This is clearly a bug. There can be no “underlying technology” creating such issues, and the idea of cross-platform office suites is having consistent results regardless of the platform. Of course, things like missing resources (fonts, media codecs) could affect something - but clearly not in this case.

So just please file it as a bug, with a sample attached, that shows the issue.