Cross reference link does not work (only selects the cross reference)

LibreOffice Writer.odt (12.1 KB)

I have just installed LibreOffice and when I try cross references, they don’t work for me. I made bookmark and a table on page 2, and I made cross references to them on page 1.
When I click the gray links, they just become selected, instead of taking me to the destinations.

I’ve used OpenOffice before where this works… I can include the file where I have tested this.

Do you use Ctrl+click?

Hover over the link to display the tooltip.


Long ago, on OpenOffice you probably changed the default setting for clicking links. You can do the same in LibreOffice. Click Tools > Options > LibreOffice > Security. Under Security Options and Warnings, click the Options button and untick Ctrl-click required to open hyperlinks. OK out

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Fantastic, thanks!