Cross-reference table numbers in a sub-document

Using a master document setup, you can easily reference chapters between subdocuments.

But how do you reference a table number from one subdocument in another subdocument? Is this about referencing number ranges or is there some kind of workaround?

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What I’m looking for

The table in the sub-document has a caption like "Table 4.2: A table containing everything"

And the reference should be "For any information see table 4.2" (only the number should be referenced, not ‘table’)

I know how to cross-reference in a master document setup. Referencing chapters works, but when I reference tables across subdocuments, I just get a blank field…

How is this done?

After some experimenting, the answer turned out to be simple.

  1. mark the number range in the table caption (e.g. 4.2)
  2. set a reference on the number range
  3. insert references in other documents as usual

It works great, I don’t know why this and previous questions did not get an answer with a solution.