Sub-documents cross-referencing, sub-doc view vs. master view

I like to pick up that point, here however in context of quite similar case, case difference seems to be slight.

AskLO system suggests few older discussions. I wonder if those are still valid (as started '13 and '14):

LO 7.5.9 for Linux
Master document + subdocuments, style-based formatting, one single template.

I plan to create master not until all, or almost all, sub-documents are ready to be taken in braces by master.
While working in sub-documents the level 1 headings will start from 1 each. Same applies to numbering of objects of other kinds. That is what me supposes to be not what I am sure of.
Following applies actually to only one document logical part: the chapters altogether. Front matter and back matter don’t seem to be lower level of complication .
It will be master where chapters/sub-chapters numbering become one continuously increasing from document logical section start to document logical section end. It means the references across sub-documents will look differently depending on if those are examined in stand-alone document or using master glasses.
Through whole text I will want to make cross-references to objects of different sorts (page number, chapters, tables, figures, etc).
Will this automatism work well?
Designing with LibreOffice 2nd edition, chapter “Adding cross-references between sub-documents in a master document”, page 335 presents this subject to be bit complicated.