Custom hatching

I would like to know if there is means to add a custom hatching pattern. There is for example parallel lines with parametrized angles and spacing. I would have something like that but with alternated widths.
I don’t expect that there is something already with interface, but some configuration file or resource.
Edit: an image of what I expect.
image description

Right click -> Area -> Tab: Area -> Button: Hatch isn’t what you are looking for (using button Add allows to save your hatch pattern with a custom name and creates a standard.soh hatch table file in your user profile’s subpath user/config) ?

Thanks. Indeed I found standard.soh in user/config, and this one has an entry for a modèle I have added:

<draw:hatch draw:name="Plastique" draw:style="single" draw:color="#000000" draw:distance="5.1mm" draw:rotation="450"/>

But this is collection of parameters of hatches. Not another template.

Can’t imagine that you could do something like shown in your image above by hatching functionality.

The nearest in Draw could be adding a custom bitmap. See sample file.

The square side size for the bitmap pattern needs to be equal to the horizontal distance between two same-width lines. Export the pattern as .png.

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