custom properties in Writer causing CRASH when adding any FIELD

After Creating a New Writer Document with LibreOffice Dev
and ** adding** a Custom Properties with the File | Properties |Custom Properties | add dialogue
the Writer Application Crashes, and spits out an error message from Windows “LibreOffice 5.1 FATAL ERROR”, and in the error box “SEH Exception: ACCESS VIOLATION”.

Symptom did not appear with version 4.3

Using Windows 7 - Home Premium and Celeron B820 Processor with 3 GB RAM and 300GB HDD with a “64-Bit” Operating System and twin core cpus.

[Not enough points to add image of exception]

Still Does the error under; Bug Reported to development team link text

I have the same problem. Adding custom text field to document causes
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit

The Problem was resolved after switching to the version, unknown if it happens with 5.3


Do not know what solved the problem, however, upgrading to, resolved the problem