Customize line spacing

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I want to control the distance between the legends in width and length
Version: (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 29d686fea9f6705b262d369fede658f824154cc0
CPU threads: 2; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19045; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: ar-SA (ar_SA); UI: ar-SA
Calc: threaded

Please edit your question (=modify it, don’t use a comment) to give more context. Mention OS name, LO version and save format.

Describe more thorouhgly with is the starting point: some text, an image, … What do you want to do with that? Explain what you effectively did and what you got. For best advice, attach a sample file.

a sample.odt (15.0 KB)

This is the same sample file as in your other question and it doesn’t depict the same situation as your screenshot above.
How should we read the screenshot. How are the yellpw and orange line spacing related? They seem to be in the same paragraph. So they should be the same height unless you have a change of font face inside the paragraph, but I can’t tell from the image alone.

Please describe.

Yes, it’s a sample of the original file. The goal is to reduce the space between the two texts

Which “two texts”? Please be more explicit.

Misleading text, and I mean horizontal spacea sample (1).odt (15.3 KB)


What you offer for examination as “a sample (1).odt” suggests that you are using the text program like a typewriter. You use almost exclusively direct formatting. Especially the lower lines for seller and buyer are squeezed into a paragraph and provided with many spaces. This paragraph is formatted as justified text in direct mode. You must convert this justification into a right alignment of the text and possibly make two paragraphs out of it.
Always use styles and do not use direct formatting.

Getting started with professional text composition in Writer

English documentation

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Not much clearer than previously.
If the question is about the titles of the signatures, apparently you want them (and the empty area for the signature) parallel in the page. You want them to divide the sheet into two columns with independent text (two flows; columns don’t spill over into each other). My simplest recommendation is to insert a 2-col×1-row table there.

But as @Hrbrgr suggests, learn the basics about styles and drop your typewriter habit.

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I think this question is rather uninteresting because you are on a site where users help other users.
@ajlittoz and myself @Hrbrgr have tried to help you and suggest a better way than what you have created in your document.

If you don’t like LibreOffice as it is, you have many options to change that.

  1. turn to a simple text program with few requirements for use.
  2. if you want changes or feature requests for LibreOffice, Bugzilla is the place to post them.
  3. become a LibreOffice programmer and let your imagination run wild.

So if you want to continue working with LibreOffice with direct formatting, you are free to do so.
Your questions will also be answered, but I’m afraid our good advice will always remain the same.

Patterns? I assume you mean styles.
Overshadowed ?? I am afraid you did not understand that styles are the founding principles of Writer. They are intended to allow for text layout and formatting automation. A minor change like margin size, or some paragraph vertical spacing, is dealt with in such a way that your constraints still hold. These constraints are expressed in various parameters, the most notable of which are grouped in Text Flow tab.

Contrary to popular belief, achieving satisfactory formatting with direct formatting is much more difficult than with styles. Direct formatting is not “intuitive” at all. A good result with direct formatting requires super guru expert skills, otherwise it is a nightmare.

You suggest a procedure through the ruler(s) (I use plural because there are horizontal and vertical rulers, though you can’t presently play with the vertical ruler). But this is again direct formatting!

The main problem with accepting the ubiquitous nature of styles in Writer is that Word has no notion of styles (beyond a weak form for paragraphs) and imposes direct formatting on you.

So, if you like so much direct formatting, why don’t you use Word where you have no other choice?