DDE Links not working after LibreOffice Update

I just updated LibreOffice to Version and none of my DDE links in CALC show data any longer. I have several CALC documents with links, and they have worked for years, but after the upgrade, I get nothing in the cells with the formulas.
soffice.bin and soffice.exe are running on my computer.
Windows 11 Computer

How do I figure out what is wrong?

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Can you edit your question to attach an example .ods document that isn’t working?

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Here is a “sanitized” example of one of my many documents that does not work. The document is Budget.ods. Inside the document are entries for “Retirement” which is where the source of the DDE links can be found.
The other document, Tax 2023, is the linked document.

Note that when you open this copy of Budget.ods, it will show some values, instead of NULLs that I see with Version That’s because I downgraded to version this afternoon. I needed to work on these documents.

Budget.ods (78.3 KB)
Tax 2023.ods (40.7 KB)


When this problem first arose in December, I reverted back to because there was no solution.

Today, I installed version and the problem returned. My DDE links do not work. The cells with DDE links contain no values. Anyone have any ideas?

Meanwhile, I’m back to version

The fix will be in 7.4.6

(and your “answer” is not an answer/solution to the problem but should had been a comment instead).