Delete Blank Page after table LibreOffice Writer

Hello! I have a document with a table followed by a trailing blank page at the end of it. I have presses Ctrl + F10 and there is a paragraph tag there. When I press backspace the page remains and the cursor enters a table at the end of the previous page and if I press delete while in the table the cursor enters the last page of the document. I have tried printing to a file, however, I get what looks like hex code from it so it is of little help.

I work it around by setting font size to 0 in the last paragraph, or make the font hidden.


Zero size The minimum allowed font size is 2 pt, and setting font size to to zero silently makes it 2 pt large. It may be small enough not to be moved to the separate page.

Hidden font To show the text that uses the character format “hidden” (i.e. Font EffectsHidden. In Writer, “hidden text” is actually a different feature), use ViewNon-printing Characters, but that does not show the hidden characters by default. It must be first enabled at ToolsOptionsLibreOffice WriterFormatting AidsHidden Text.

Set Font Effects - Hidden works; but can’t find a way to unhide it later.¹ And can’t select all (previous text and table). Possible bug? Can’t find it reported. Filling a bug report now.

Set font size to 0 is not allowed; minimum is 2.

LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

¹ EDIT: Solved at comment #1 in tdf#135081.

The easiest way to fix a trailing page after a table is probably to edit the page dimensions and reduce the top and/or bottom margin by 0.1 cm. That should remove the trailing page. If this changes the document too much overall I guess it needs to be done as a section break before the last real page.

@AustrianBanker, Changing page format is only useful if you are working with a couple of unbound sheets, because it will change the layout of all the pages.

As Michael Stahl described in comment 33 of tdf#60967, it is impossible now to remove the last paragraph of a document, because it breaks a lot of things. So, you only could make its font size small enough to fit to the same page as the table (if it’s possible).

I’m running LO and still see the issue - according to bug 60967, it should be fixed in 5.1.0

I’m running LO and still see the issue - according to bug 60967, it should be fixed in 5.1.0

Have you tried to read and understand either my answer here, or the comments in the bug you mention?

The bug was about impossibility to remove paragraph after a table at any position. It was fixed, with the explicit exception of the last paragraph in the document; and that specific case is not a bug, as described there.

@mikekaganski: apologies, I just reacted “on the spot” to an update event without checking context. I know the last paragraph can’t be deleted and I came to the same size solution when I exceptionnaly need to prevent a page overflow.