Deleted sheet libre office writer (Windows 10) (.odt file)

[ENG] I got a 4 pages file that I absolutely have to send for tomorrow and one sheet just disappeared today. I’m 100% sure that I saved the file last day, the problem isn’t here. Maybe it’s because I inserted images and links on it, I don’t know.
Is there any chance I can restore the sheet in question ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.

[FR] J’ai un dossier de 4 pages que je dois absolument rendre pour demain et une page s’est volatilisée aujourd’hui même. Je suis sûr et certain d’avoir sauvegardé la veille, le problème ne vient donc pas de là. Si ça peut aider, j’avais inséré deux images sur cette page ; c’est peut-être ça qui a causé la suppression. Y’a-t-il un moyen de restaurer non pas le document (puisque je le rappelle il est à jour) mais la page en question ?
Merci d’avance.
CAS PRATIQUE - Canal Florian.odt (35.5 KB)

This would be my start. From wich source did you get the file. If it is mail/messenger/usb-drives get the source again and always keep a backup untouched.
If it just appeared on a network-share and you worked directly on the file, ask your admin, what kind of backup-scheme exist.

If you track changes…
Rare opportunity: Sheet is not deleted, but hidden…

Please edit your question to mention OS name, LO version and save format. If file is not confidential, attach it for analysis.

Pages are not primitive objects in Writer. They are allocated on demand to accommodate contents. Their boundaries are unpredictable (depends on contents) unless you force them with page breaks. So, you don’t delete pages but contents and document is re-flown with what is left.

I’m not sure if I understood well, because my english and informatic skills are not that good, but thanks for the help ! I guess I’ll have to start all over again.

Your case is desperate. You use Writer like a mechanical typewriter. Everything is direct formatted. All your paragraphs are Default Paragraph Style with manual override applied. You force a page-oriented layout with manual page break without relating that to some structuring of your document.

You incorrectly use a list item to number your pages instead of using the Page Number field.

The analysis of the underlying XML shows that no extra contents is kept in the file. You deleted data and then saved. Nothing can be reclaimed for the attached document. You may try “salvage utilities” which could perhaps recover a previous version of the document from the file system? However this rarely gives a satisfactory result.

You have a deadline and this is your priority. However, I highly recommend you learn how to use Writer. The Writer Guide is freely downloadable but it is not written as a tutorial. A better document is Bruce Byfield’s Designing with LibreOffice. Unfortunately this latter book is only available in English.