Did LibreOffice 24.2 changes break several long time extensions?

APSO, Codehighlighter2, MSI, AltSearch are all broken.
These extensions have been very useful and have stood the tests of several revisions.
This isn’t specific to one extension but several.
The extensions no longer appear in the list of extensions available.

Examples of the errors returned while adding the extensions:
Error during install of extension apso-
Failed to register package for vnd.sun.star.expand:
$UNO_USER_PACAGES_CACHE/uno_packages/lu1229959ywl.tmp_apso- at

Window titled “Extensions”
Error during install of codehighlighter2
(com.sun.star.lang.DisposedExceptio){{{Message = “Binary URP bidge disposed during call at
Context = (com.sun.star.uno.XInterface) @7f50dc1191d0}}}



Apparently the problem is likely a bad build using a python3.9 lib instead of a python3.11 lib. Each of the extensions appear to work after installing a rebuilt package.
Thanks for your prompt response.