Disable "Wraparound" of next/previous sheet shortcut in Calc

I’m a long-time Calc fan and user, and in a relatively recent update I’ve noticed that the CTRL-PGUP/CTRL-PGDN shortcuts for switching sheets behave differently.

Previously (as recently as, once on the very first or last sheet of a workbook, using the shortcut CTRL-PGUP or CTRL-PGDN would stop.
This behaviour was:

  1. Consistent the GUI buttons for “Scroll to next/previous sheet”, which do nothing once you are at the “end” of the strip.
  2. A convenient and long standing way to return to the start/end by holding the keyboard shortcut - essentially a shortcut to “Scroll to last/first sheet”.

In a recent update, this keyboard now “wraps around”, so that the selected sheet infinitely returns from the start to the other end.
This is inconsistent with the GUI, and breaks prior behaviour for now reason.
Is there any setting to revert this, or is it simply a bug that needs fixing?

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This implies that you know reasons… Indeed it was for a reason (tdf#156311 starts with a user explicitly asking for this newly implemented behavior). However, since you likely have a reason to keep the old behavior, you might want to create a new bug, where you present your reasons, and request a configuration.


Thanks Mikeand also to PKG for linking to the release notes.
I did do a Web search prior to posting here, but I failed to find that, so thanks!

I’ll put a feature request in for a config option.

Did you add the feature request? If yes, please mention the URL. It may be useful for others.

Seems to be tdf#160580