Disabling fractions so that typing 3/4 gives me .75 or 3/04/14

When I type in 3/4 in libreoffice calc (or 1/2, 1/4), its displays ¾ (a symbol/icon of “3/4” as a fraction). I would prefer that it convert 3/4 to a more appropriate type for the cell. So if the cell is a date cell, I would prefer it display “03/04/14”. Or if the cell is a numeric cell, I prefer it display “.75”.

How do I configure Libre Calc to do that?


If there is an undesired auto-correct, hit Ctrl+Z immediately. In some cases you may have to hit Ctrl+Z twice (e.g., typing 1/2/ will immediately change 1/2 to ½ so the cell will show ½/, first Ctrl+Z removes the /, the second Ctrl+Z will change ½ back to 1/2, and then you can hit / to get 1/2/ and you can then type in the year).

To stop auto-correct on 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 only, but have corrections for other key combos and common transpositions, go into Tools, AutoCorrect Options, “Replace” tab, move highlight bar to 1/2, and hit the Delete button, and repeat for 1/4 and 3/4.

Or you can stop all auto-corrections by going into Tools, AutoCorrect Options, “Options” tab, and uncheck “Use replacement table”.

Without auto-correction or undoing an auto-correction with Ctrl+z, the 1/2 will be interpreted as a date (at least with the US locality).

To get 1/2 to come up as 0.5, you can type =1/2 followed by a tab, space, or Enter.

The “=” tells Calc that what you type next is part of a formula, and the formula will be put into the cell (so going back to the cell will show =1/2 in the input line).

unfortunatly autocorrection is performed even if no 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 item in replacement table

@paolobreve: same here, autocorrection is performed no matter what’s in the replacement table.
Here’s what happens to me on LibreOffice Calc if a cell is of type number, I enter 3/4 and a space, then Ctrl-Z and ¾ is converted to a date 03/04/18; if the cell is of type text, I enter 3/4 and a space, then Ctrl-Z and ¾ is converted back to the original 3/4. Note that the space is necessary, otherwise Ctrl-Z will clean the cell.