#DIV/0! in the cell and would like it to be blank

LibreOffice Calc

I have # DIV/0! in multiple cells.
What can be done to have the cell blank until there is an entry?

Example: =AVERAGE($Sheet23.J5:J19,$Sheet23.U5:U19,J5:J20,U5:U20)

This is in cell D23 of sheet 24

I’m using LibreOffice


HEALTH VITALS - 2024 Master8 - DIV FIX.ods (97.0 KB)

[I am looking in the averages to have a blank cell unless there is a number entered from above.

What about wrapping the entire formula in the IFERROR() function?



This left the cell blank instead of #DIV/0! or a number such as 160 did not show up

Could you upload the .ods file and point to a specific cell with a formula that doesn’t match your expectations.

See @JohnSUN’s formula in your edited file (cell Sheet24.J23):
HEALTH VITALS - 2024 Master8 - DIV FIX_ask.ods (94.6 KB)

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