Do BASE front-end forms allow Tabs? Can you embed pages on tabs?

Do Libre Office BASE front-end forms allow for Tabs, Ex. Where I can have a Field called: “Primary Tasks” on the page, but have a Tab within the page that lists all of my “SubTasks” joined by a 1-to-many relationship ?
Like can I embed entire subtasks and lists within the Tabs added to a Form ? Can there be multiple Tabs with multiple pages ?

It’s posible with sections using macros, but not in a simple way


There are no native tabbed forms in base. You can simulate with macros (little code required). There are also tabbed dialogs and multi-page dialogs.

Post with links to elaborate form with tabs → Charts in Base Forms

Sample of Simulated tabs using sections → Tabbed forms within a Main Form

Multi-Page Dialogs

Tab-Page-Control (Multipage-Control) properties