Documents with Images Not Working with

I upgraded from to last night and am noticing documents that which documents that have images in them, the images are not rendering properly. The image is very blurred and you can’t even tell what it is.

If I double click the image, a new Window will pop-up with the image by itself and it’s fine. I tried 7.4.1 and it doesn’t work also. It only works in

I have hundreds of documents that have the same issue.

Try enabling/disabling Skia.

Already tried, no luck.

Can you post a small file (made for the purpose) so that we can confirm the problem and a bug report can be filed?

Sure. I see there is an upload option in the editor. If I do upload, will the file be private? It contains private logos.

If all your images get blurred, upload something with an image that is not private. If this is a real bug, somebody will have to report it and upload a sample file showing the problem at the LibreOffice Bugzilla, and that should not be private as well.

Well, that’s the problem. When I take the image out and put it back in, it renders correctly. So, the only way I can do it is but uploading a file that has an identifying logo on it. Would it be possible to PM you the file?

What happens if do you copy and paste them in the same document?
What type of images they are? (bmp, png, jpeg, svg…)
What is the format in which these documents were saved? (odt, docx)
Have you tested Restart in Safe Mode? (located in menu Help)

These images are in the header.

If I copy/paste into the same document, they are blurred.

They look to be PNG. If I double click the image, it brings up another instance of Writers with the image by itself, which renders fine. If I right click to save the image (in the new instance), it wants to default to PNG.

File format: .docx

Same issue in safe mode.

If you are on Windows there have been some major updates recently. Is computer waiting to restart? Weird behavior can occur while waiting to restart.

If on Windows, I would be inclined to try Control Panel - Programs and Features and Repair LibreOffice

No major Windows updates for about a month, since last Patch Tuesday. Just tried repairing, same issue.

Suspicious. The files were created with LibreOffice?

That sounds like an OLE object. Is it linked or embedded? Can you refresh link?

Honestly, I’m not sure. I didnt create them.

@LeroyG I didn’t create the files so I’m not sure.

@EarnestAl I believe they are embedded. Edit > Links to External Files is greyed out.

Usually, in files created with Word, if do you search in menu File - Properties - Custom Properties tab, it will say AppVersion 16.0000. And if do you see the paragraph styles list (with F11), sometimes there are so many paragraph styles like P1, P2, P3, P5, etc.

Got it. Yeah, it AppVersion 15.0000. So, I’m assuming they were made in Word 2013.

.docx files created with LibreOffice also (can?) get the 15.0000. :-\

Hmm, well I guess that didn’t help then. I just don’t know what could’ve changed from to to cause it to do this. I did revert one of the systems back to and its fine.

I cannot reproduce problem using OLE png or jpg in and opening in in either .odt nor .docx

I think you should report a bug, How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki. You would need to provide a sample however.

If I look at the release notes there are changes to docx import filter but nothing seems connected to issue, see LibreOffice 7.3 Community: Release Notes - The Document Foundation Wiki