Does Base offer a straightforward way to impliment window functions?

Hi folks!
I would like to use base to create and query some very large flat data files that I now have in .csv or tab-delimited format (mainly Census data and the like). One of the things that I would like to do with the data is to create a variety of summary statistics from various subsets of the data. I would like to do this in Base where possible to avoid problems with line limits (in Calc) or memory (in R).

I am almost completely new to databases except for using forms others have written to access pre-existing databases, but my understanding is that creation of the sort of summary statistics I am talking about can most easily be created via the use of window functions for those databases that support window functions. So, two related questions:

  1. Does LibreOffice base support window functions? and if so:
  2. Is there a good how-to guide or tutorial on using such functions via Base that you would recommend for someone new to Base, and indeed, almost new to databases?

Help and guidance very much appreciated. I am using LibreOffice under Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1.

Warmest regards, andrewH

I think the best is begin with documentation:

What do you mean by ‘window functions’?

[N.b. This answer might be deletable!]

“Windows functions” are new to me (not difficult), but I take it that this tutorial explanation points in the right direction. See also the PostgreSQL docs.

As explained elsewhere, Base uses HSQLDB (see first line of link). My understanding is that Firebird is close to implementing windows functions but it looks like it’s not quite there yet.

According to the tutorial linked above, MySQL and SQLite and other open source DBs do not have this function yet; PostgreSQL is the only option. There is some documentation on connecting Base and PostgreSQL (also earlier on AskLibO), so if Window Functions are important it should be feasible, but not by default (“out of the box”) – it looks like it would require PostgreSQL.

And see THIS for info on HSQLDB and future windowing functions.