Generic form of URL for PostgreSQL


The help does says nothing, so how do we specify the postgreSQL URL in the second page of the new database wizzard?

It has to be something like ://:


Hi @olivier, did @libov answer your question? If so, please mark his answer as correct. Thanks!

With the native postgreSQL connector the connection string is a little different.
It is not a URL at all, but rather just a text string made up of propertyname=value segments, separated by a space.

The required fields (properties) are, database name and host (or hostaddr). If the postgreSQL database is using a non standard port (5432) then that must be included also.

So, if I want to connect to a database, using the default postgres configuration, named postgres on my local machine the simplest connection string would be:
dbname=postgres host=localhost

Now let’s say that there is an older postgres engine running using the standard 5432 port and I want to connect to a newer one using port 5433, and that I want to connect with my user name db_user, with a password of libreoffice and I don’t want to type that password in each time I connect, then the connection string might look like:

dbname=postgres hostaddr= port=5433 user=db_user password=libreoffice

Note that I’ve used the hostaddr, instead of host here, bypassing any need to do a DNS lookup.

Finally, with the native connector all options in the connection string are accepted - you can find a full list of those here: PostgreSQl 9.1 Docs
Just remember that it is propertyName=value separated by spaces in Base.