Does LibreOffice run/work on OS X 10.9. Mavericks, or are there issues, e.g. with respect to 32/64 bit Java runtime?

I just switched to a MacOS System, currently running Mountain Lion (10.8.), and Libreoffice works fine. I am a bit nervous about updating. Can someone confirm that the program does not crash? I learned that Apple changed something in the Java runtime engine support…

EDIT: What follows below the line is now old and applied to the LO v4.1-4.2 transition period. From v4.1.4.2 onward there is an “x86_64” build available for MacOS. This build (not the “Intel” a.k.a. x86 one) is required for interoperability with a 64bit (x64) version of Java.

I would advise anyone trying this combination (MacOS v10.9 and LO v4.1) to read this Dev mailing list thread. The initial comment by Norbert Thiebaud in particular illustrates some problems and a method of getting around them. The particular JRE/JDK installed (Oracle, Apple, other) is especially influential of the situation. Also note this User mailing list thread and the initial comment by Alex Thurgood indicating that LO under MacOS will only work with 32bit Java at this point.

Also note this recent answer from a developer.