Does not change the font in Impress!


I have a powerpoint file (with pptx extension).
In this file, the font B Nazanin is used.
I want to change the title and subtitle font using styles.
Whenever I change the font, it still remains the same font!

Persian Font.pptx (44.7 KB)

Select the text/text frames, choose menu Format - Clear Direct Formatting (Ctrl+Shift+M).

In the title and subtitle Styles or as direct formatting?


In the title and subtitle Styles.

In original file (Not in attached in previous message) there is several slides.
How can I select all slides simultaneously for direct formatting?

At least in version, you can’t clear direct formating if more than one text frame is selected.

This is when you use the Formatting toolbar, or the Properties of the Sidebar.

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