Does the UI support high DPI?

Just curious if Libreoffice supports UI scaling for high-DPI monitors. Does it, and is there an option to adjust it manually?

Hi Meneses,

I found your question just now, while trying to solve my UI troubles. For my PC, I have found it !!!

It seems the solution is to close LibreOffice, go to the properties of one of the exe’s (C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\scalc.exe) then > Compatibility and > change the High PPP settings : below of the screen, check the box and chose for “system”. (In French : “Remplacez le comportement de mise à l’échelle PPP élevée. Mise à l’échelle effectuée par : Système”).

Hoping this will solve also your problem.

Evidently there are only a few areas where there are problems:

  • Toolbar icons, common, fdo#51733.
  • Slide thumbnails, Impress, fdo#51734.
  • Spelling underlining, common, fdo#51735.

In all three instances the result is less-sharp that it should be.

EDIT: I just realised I did not specifically address your scaling issue. I do not have an answer for this at the moment.