High DPI: still no support?

I’ve got a screen with high DPI. The text of the menu and the icons look very small, not readable at all.
I’m on Arch Linux with XFCE desktop.

There’s an option in Firefox for example to scale for High DPI monitor but I didn’t find anything for LibreOffice.

There’s an old question of 2013: Does the UI support high DPI? but only for Windows.

Anything new since 2013 for High DPI monitor?

Thanks a lot in advance.

It seems that HiDPI should work. Have you seen this page?

It sounds like you may need to manually set the DPI in the settings for the desktop environment.

In fact it was due to XFCE, not LibreOffice. I’ve switched to Cinnamon, and now LO has a very good support of High DPI.