Downloaded DMG file won't open

I downloaded v.5.2.2 (Fresh) (Mac version) but am getting an error message when trying to open the DMG file.

I seem to meet the system requirements (running OS X 10.9.5 / Mavericks w- plenty of memory), so is there any recommended troubleshooting for this, other than deleting the current DMG file and trying again?

Error message displayed when I dbl-click the DMG icon/filename:

  The following disk images couldn't be opened
  LibreOffice_5.2.2_Mac( image not recognized


What error ? Try to check the hash of the file, preferably the SHA256 one, never trust MD5 if you can help it.

Either failed compilation or failed download with such error.

I’m sorry but I lack the technical knowledge to understand the two comments above.

Re: “What error?” – the error was the one shown in the grey box above (“The following disk images… etc.”)

  1. Download to same folder as the DMG.;; 2) Open the terminal/console and enter the folder. You can do it easily by writing §cd § and drag-dropping the folder to the terminal and hit Enter.;; 3) Write §shasum -a 256 -c LibreOffice_5.2.2_MacOS_x86-64.dmg.sha256§ and hit Enter.

CONTINUED: If it says it’s a match, that file wasn’t correctly made and I think a bug report needs to be made. If it’s a mismatch, try re-downloading.

Thanks. By “Download” (first paragraph above) I’m not sure what you mean. Clicking on that link just displays a text string. Do you mean save the string as a text file? Or were you referring to downloading LibreOffice 5.2.2 (which I’ve already done, though in a zipfile I can’t unzip)?

Also, in your last paragraph (“CONTINUED: etc.”) did you mean to write “If it doesn’t say it’s a match… etc.”? Or is a ‘match’ what I don’t want (because it means the file is bad)?

@rautamiekka I don’t know what happened to the other comments that were here (only those from the date of the original post are displaying), but this seems to have been a hardware problem – i.e. with my modem/router. No errors were reported during the download of the .dmg but, as reported here, it failed both attempts. Thanks for your attempts to assist me with this.

I figured as much, although I weren’t exactly sure if your modem was the exact culprit.

Modem was the culprit. Thanks again. Do you know what happened to all the other comments – yours and mine (the ones that followed the first exchanges on Oct 18)?

Does LO delete comments?

My guess is as good as yours. It’s entirely possible the Admins/Mods deleted comments which held no useful value. An asking site like this is pretty bad for long[ish] conversations and attempts to figure it out.

Let’s make it official: try using someone else’s Internet to download when you face something like this, but be prepared to try other storage mediums than your usually used USB stick. Today’s sticks are way sturdier but they’re still same as SSDs: you destroy them by writing.

In this case it was the user’s own modem which is nothing new of a story.