Draw: Filling a polygon, consisting of small circles and lines

I have inserted a number of small circles and connected them by lines to form a polygon. Now I want to fill the internal area of this polygon with color.

How to do that?

UPDATE. There is a triangle, consisting of three dots and three connecting lines:

Polygon.odg (9.4 KB)

In reality I have a network of dots, connected by lines, so it’s not convenient to represent them by polygons.

LibreOffice Version:
Build ID: 1:6.4.7-0ubuntu0.20.04.2
CPU threads: 4; OS: Linux 5.4; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3;

Are you working with Draw? Which version? Edit your question to add the new information. Thanks. You can share a sample file with the Upload icon (an up arrow in the center top of the edit dialog toolbar).
Maybe it is easy to draw a polygon, and paste small circles on top of its vertices.

EDIT: It seems that you must choose between connectors or filling color. LibreOffice help on Gluepoints and on Using Gluepoints.
By the way, with Inkscape you can draw a polygonal line with dots in its vertices, but the dots (circles) are of the same color than the line, and you cannot add more than two connectors to the same point.


A construct composed of lines has no fill option. For a polygon that is to receive a colored fill, you must use the “Polygon, filled” symbol from the “Drawing” toolbar.

Draw - Polygon gefüllt

Please describe exactly what you want to achieve, maybe then a better assistance is possible.

Thank you very much.

I think the easiest way would be draw a polygon over the top of the circles, then send it to the back. Remove the lines and Group them or merge them.
PolygonAl.odg (13.1 KB)

I might be wrong here, but this is how I think about it. The circles have an inside that can be filled, and an outside that can’t be filled, the area bounded by the lines and circles is still an outside. Cheers, Al

I have many dots, and some of them are connected by lines. It’s convenient for me to move dots and have lines automatically follow them - it’s like a plane graph with vertices and edges. Also I want to color some faces of this graph.

If I could convert these faces into polygons using some Draw commands, that would be good - but without additional drawing, and with a possibility to move my dots as before after this conversion.

I understand that a polygon with enlarged vertices (small circles) can be filled with color including or excluding these vertices - I need the vertices to be excluded. Thick lines, bounding a polygon, are excluded from filling as well, right?

What you are describing looks somehow like a task for 2D-CAD or for a software known as “interactive dynamic geometry”. Of the second type there are some matured free programs, often used in education.
To get more specific hints, you should probably talk about your final goal. What (as a whole)are you trying to achieve?


To give a better impression of what I mean, I attach part of a “screenshot” made form an interactive (changeable by dragging base elements) construction of mine made to demonstrate “next to everything” concerning conics. The used program was “Dynageo”.
interactiveGeometry.odg (364.4 KB)

(The used software is free and OpenSource now. Unfortunately it is no longer developed due to special circumstances.) Disadvantages that weren’t repaired therefore are:
Win only
Descriptions and UI only in German
The development was Delphi-based as far as I know.

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