Draw: how to transfer an object to another layer?

file VecsC.odgVecsC.odg. I cannot select textBox C (to move it), with click, ~click or $(Shift)~click. Instead, these actions select one of the two dashed lines that run by C.
How to select textBox C?
It would be handy to put the array of dashed lines in their own layer, called DashedGrid, but… how to do that? Draw operations with layers are very limited, almost useless. For example, how to transfer an object to another layer?
I could make the layer DashedGrid and transfer the array of dashed lines to it, to isolate textBox C and move it.

(Title question only)

  1. Select the object.
  2. Cut (Ctrl+X)
  3. Selcet the layer you want to transfer the object to by its tab.
  4. Paste (Ctrl+V).

B (As help points out)

  1. Select the object and keep the mousebutton pressed.
  2. Wait till the cursor changes its appearanc.
  3. Draw(the object won’t move!) the cursor to the tab of the layer you want to transfer the object to.

If you want to work with Draw in an efficient way, you need to design everything consciously.
If you want to get a cm-grid, create one of the horizontal lines first, copy it, paste it as often as you additionally need it. The lines are all in the same positoion now. Drag the top line (by Z-order) to its final position, then the next one …
Select all the lines and group them.
Copy, paste, rotate by 90°.
Group the vertical part together with the horizontaö part.

Now you want a 0.5 cm grid? Copy, paste, change linewidth for the second, ungroup horizontal from vertical, adjust position fo both, go into each group to copy/paste the final line and to move it into position; leave group, group again, group with the original cm grid…

This way you get few but relevant shapes for general purposes which you can easily manage using layers in a document for reusable elements…

Working with LO, I don’t find either of these methods working properly.

Cut and paste to the new layer does move the object, but it isn’t at the same location. The coordinates are moved by a small amount.

Select, wait and drag doesn’t work for me either. When I click the object with the mouse and hold the button down, the cursor never changes.

In your sample, C is not in a text box, but is the text of the dashed line behind it. This can be achieved by double-clicking the dashed line and adding the C.

See LibreOffice Help on Moving Objects to a Different Layer, and Text Tied to a Graphic.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

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Great! TY. Now, how to move the C; or remove it?

To remove the C, select the dashed line, press F2, Delete and Escape.