Drop down box - Hebrew problem

What a beautiful program you have!

I ran into a little problem when using a drop down box within Calc. I have my worksheet set up to give me a list of customers from my next worksheet – in a drop down box.

Amongst this list are English and Hebrew names. The English names show fine. But I get rectangles instead of the Hebrew letters for the Hebrew names! Help!


OS - Vista Libre version - I clearly have Hebrew fonts installed. Within the worksheet the Hebrew shows just fine! And also, I never had this problem with Open Office. I now notice, that within the worksheet: in the box next to: fx sigma equal – also rectangles are showing instead of the Hebrew. I also now tried a few fonts besides Tahoma: Arial, Times New Roman, David Transparent – all the same issue.

Try the Arial Unicode MS font.

Yes Oweng, I am referring to Data > Validity > Criteria > Allow > Cell range! But I have the same problem with Arial Unicode MS. The Hebrew shows inside the worksheet – but in the window above and in the drop down box → rectangles!!!

Does my example display the Hebrew characters or the character placeholder symbol?

Oweng, your example is working perfect! Can you help me with my document? I don’t find your font: Nachlieli CLM in my list of fonts…

Under Windows Vista you won’t as Nachlieli CLM is part of the Culmus Hebrew package of fonts for GNU/Linux. You can get it and other Hebrew fonts here. Download the culmus 0.121-1 package for Debian (click on the “all” link and chose a local mirror). You will need to open the DEB file with an archive manager to extract the fonts. Nachlieli may not be the best choice as it is a Type 1 font. There are other truetype fonts included though.

I downloaded Culmus. Could you give me a link to an archive manager for extraction? Thank you.


Most probably a problem with font. Do you have a Hebrew font installed? What is your operating system and version and what is your LibreOffice version?

I am not familiar with Hebrew, but I remember a bug, which could be related to your problem. If you file a bug report draw please draw also attention to this bug:


Does your term “drop down box” refer to a data validity list i.e., Data > Validity > Criteria > Allow > Cell range? I have created an example that I can pass back and forth between LO v3.5.7.2 and v4.0.2.2 and which makes use of the Nachliele CLM and Arial Unicode MS fonts (for Hebrew). It displays interspersed Latin and Hebrew names fine here with the exception that in the drop down list the Hebrew entries are left-aligned. Display and behaviour is the same under Win7HP.