Each update resets custom colors

I’m now on (64bit, win) as a consequence of pretty regular updating since years of satisfied usage. However, each time I have updated LO, my custom color palette has been reset, i.e. cleared. I thought that at least Format > Text box and shape > Area would allow me not only to define my custom colors but to also save them so that I could manually call them back after update. Alas, that menu shows no such functionality. What is the recommended method to avoid losing custom color palettes upon LO updating? Thank you.

You need to backup your palette that is stored in your LO user profile. See: Create a new color palette.

Personally, I make periodic backups on my whole profile so that I can retrieve my configuration with all my customization in case of issue. See: LibreOffice user profile. Check it, it may be in the former profile if you had a very old version (before 5.x maybe).

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Thank you for the answer, I’m now sorted. So, in conclusion, all LO help pages found via an Internet search and that are talking about ‘saving’ from the LO GUI are outdated and the proper way to save and keep customised palettes are through editing XML files. For many that will work, but I assume that for some users this will not feel very comfortable. I’m somewhat surprised that maintenance of user-specific configs cannot be done from the GUI and that (at least) the custom color config remains visible only as long as one does not update the software.

@ChR, can you point to a page that says you can save the palette? Just to see if it has to be updated or if it’s actually outdated.

I guess that you’ve customized your palette from within LO. In this case, it is stored in the registrymodifications.xcu file, at the root of the user profile. Strange that it was not retrieved after an update that is not supposed to reset that file.

But indeed, better create your own palette the “hard” way so that it is safely stored.

@Hagar_Delest, For example this link implicitly talks about creating (and implicitly storing) custom colours. Agreed, there is a risk to pick up questions from the FAQ as answers might be outdated. But since these instructions seemed valid for my most recent versions (6.x… now 7.0), I was surprised to see my custom colours disappear upon update.

BTW, I have also found that upon updates my user profile (at least my name) has been cleared, which might be the root cause to loosing my colours from ‘custom’ as well. Thus my question could be restated as something like ‘why are my settings reset upon update?’. Having today updated my custom colours, I also see my .xcu beeing refreshed (only looking at time stamp).

Thanks for the follow-up.

Indeed, the root cause is that file being reset (or the whole profile), which should NOT occur during an update. You say that it happens at each update. There is a problem then. You don’t use a portable version, do you? For an update, do you merely run the installer?

I do updates very roughly once a month, I cannot say that the config is lost each time, as I might do two updates before observing the problem. I am running the standard update as offered by the download page reached from the SW itself, all on standard Win10 laptops. Installation is done with the installer without touching the default settings.

At the moment this is the status, let me know if I can do next update in such a way that it might track some info:
Version: (x64)
Build ID: 64390860c6cd0aca4beafafcfd84613dd9dfb63a
CPU threads: 8; OS: Windows 10.0 Build 19041; UI render: Skia/Raster; VCL: win
Locale: en-GB (en_GB); UI: en-US
Calc: threaded

To be sure, make a copy of your profile just before next upgrade. Then see if has been reset or not.

There may have been a corruption of the profile just before you upgraded, as a mere coincidence.

Note that 7.0.5 is still advised for production work, 7.1 is still a bit fresh.

Ok, we’ll see. Thank you for your attention.