editing, adding, deleting of some text sequences in documents crashing LO writer

This document and others crash LO on my system.

When adding, replacing or deleting some words or sequences from writer documents I have been experiencing regular crashes to the point where LO is becoming unusable. Some parts of the document I can edit without problems, but inevitably make my way to some area which causes it to crash.

Started having this problem around two weeks ago when I was on (64-bit).
Have tried upgrading to 6.4.4 (64-bit) but did not help.

This eventually starts happening on all new documents.

I have been using styles much more heavily than I used to (mainly for colours), and it is working well for me except for the crashing.

Have managed to work out that removing the word “complement” or "complement "including the space between the blue RNA causes LO to crash… every time. Tried changing the style to Default and it seemed to be okay, and then tested the red bold and it ended up crashing. It does not always happen straight away but this editing this line seems to crash LO.

Anybody know if there are any issues with templates or above causing crashes?
Is anyone having issues with this document?

editing document causes crash

Here Fedora Linux v32, LO 64bit), editing your file without problem.

I have been using styles much more heavily

Wrong! Apart from the first paragraph in Default Style, everything is Frame Contents plus direct formatting. Vertical positioning is done with empty paragraphs.

The instability may come from you abuse of frames: in this one-page document (I suppose so, though it spans 1 1/2 page on my computer because of the faulty vertical spacing with empty paragraphs and horizontal alignment with multiple tabs – no Arial font in my system), you already have 10 frames, nested up to 3 levels deep.

As I already commented, you are not using styles. Styles are a way to mind-map a document: one style <=> one semantic concept. Appearance and formatting comes later. Your document is about a highly technical topic which requires tidied up presentation. You seem to be unable to sort out ideas in a cartesian well-organised way. Vivid colors won’t correct the lack of structure.

I could delete all the file content without problems in version (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

@ajlittoz, Can you delete my first comment, please? The answer to it was in the first line. Thanks.

fix: entered safe mode and disabled all extensions
seems this was related to one or more extensions, not sure which one yet - but will update this once I find.

Hi blashrkh, did you ever figure out which extension was causing the issue? many thanks, Eileen