Editing question titles (and disabling links on other pages)

Average new users do not detail in the title what the content is about (although some do the reverse). And when the high karma users (and also the not so high karma, like me) try to find an answer that has already been given, they cannot find it. By the way, I can’t find the question in which one of you wrote it.

Two days ago, I edited the titles of several Find & Replace questions, to make it clearer where the question is aiming. A few hours later I realized that this would affect the links that were pointing to those questions.

Yesterday I made a search on the site, but don’t find that there were (and hopes that don’t are) links to the unmodified questions titles.

What should be the criteria in these cases? Touch or not touch the titles? When or when not?


EDIT: The link works fine if we paste it including only up to the six numbers¹ that correspond to the question. I suggest that when pasting links, the question title be removed, to avoid broken links in case it needs to be edited later.


¹ nnnnnn in the sample


My position is to not change titles after they have existed for a few weeks or more. I have numerous answers linked to various questions and answers. Changing a title will break a link.

I also do not believe in correcting the spelling. To me this takes away from whom you may be dealing with. For example one not fluent with English. This person may need further help in comprehending a point you may be trying to make.

I think there are good reasons, and some not so good reasons, to change titles. Discretion is important.

@LeroyG wrote:

The link works fine if we paste it including only up to the six numbers

The problem is that there are 40K+ questions and a multitude of links already out there. This problem and many more go well beyond this solution. The site itself needs a change and this has been noted as being looked into.