Keep (or not) original title of topics, if edited

Hello everyone,

When the (generally nonsensical) title of a topic (question) is edited, will it be useful to keep the original one for the record?

(Edit) May be useful when we try to find a recent question by some remembered keywords, or to avoid a misunderstanding. Maybe you can add other reasons. (/Edit)


Two topics (questions) whose titles were changed:

Related question relevant to the previous site manager: Editing question titles (and disabling links on other pages)

Point taken. Wasn’t aware that editing a title would affect links to a topic so badly.

No. Links are updated (Edit) within this site (not in other sites) (/Edit). Thanks @guilhem.

Links from external sites are preserved as well (assuming the target is taken from the :link:-icon or from the browser’s URL bar), because and point to the same place. AFAICT Discourse ignores the slug when the URL has a topic number.

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