embedding video file

Hi I am trying to embed a video file into an impress slide but constantly get an error stating format not supported no matter what file format I use.
How do I embed a video…

What OS and LO-Version do you use? What are you going to do to embed the video? Which format does your video have? One can recognize at the Extend of the file, which file type or which format is used. Is the video running without Impress? What is the error displayed, specify details?

See also.

Thankfully I was able to install the update.
I am using windows 10 and the video formats I have tried include
.mov .avi .mp4 .ogg .wmv
All run outside impress
The error is “The format of the selected file is not supported”

LO version is

I am usuing Win 10 and since my earlier question I tried to install LO
But get an error everytime stating “warning 1909 could not create shortcust Libre Office 6.2.link…”
So now I cant use Libre Office as I cant install!!