External link to display image in writer?

How can I include HTML to display an image from an online source in a Writer document that will be sent using mail-merge to email?

In HTML, the code would be …

<img src = "http://domain.com/image.png">

Simply including that code in the email displays the code not the image in the received email.

I don’t seem to be able to use an HTML document created in Writer as the document for emailing. Is that right?

For Writer, LibO, Windows 7.



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What email application are you working with?

You only need to input the whole URL (e.g. http://ask.libreoffice.org/m/tdf/media/images/tdf-logo.png) into the field “File name” and check “Link”, when you use the image insert dialog. You will be ask, whether you will really link to the image.

Be aware, when you later reopen the document, it will try to connect to the image. If it cannot link to the image, then opening will hang until some “timeout” is reached.

This works without problems in Windows 7 for me.

An alternative method is this: You can start with an arbitrary dummy picture and enter the URL in the field “File name” in the tab “Image” of the image property dialog and check “Link” there. In this case you need to set the size to “Original size” afterwards in the tab “Crop” in the same dialog.

If this is not, what you want to do, please explain your wish differently.


Tried 1st method, works perfectly.

If it’s explained in the writer documentation, I think it’s not prominent enough! This is a really fundamental thing to be able to do with emails.

Thanks Regina!


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Sorry! Will do next time. Thanks @Wildcard for picking that up. Cheers, Bob