[ feature request ] please improve the interface

First menus are getting too long or cluttered you can make them shorter by grouping similar items in sub menus or using dialog boxes

second tabbed interface does not show icons at first. They only show after I press the arrow for an extension.

third groupedbar compact has an extension that does not disappear when I start a dialogue box

I think tabbed and groupedbar should feature all icons and the arrows should slide or move them rather than show an extension. In the meantime please fix these issues.

… and you are asking other fellow users, trying to help one another on this Ask site, about exactly what?

I wonder where to suggest features or report bugs.

I believe that you opened the link in my comment, and read up to the bugs and feature requests sections?

Also available from the main site (the Feedback link).

Thanks. I will repost it in the right place. You can delete my post.

Yes, you can. Click *Tools > Customise > Menus and remove or add items as desired. To add menus or sub-menus click on the hamburger icon.