[Feature Request] Remove unused Tags

Look through the list of ask.libo tags & you will find hundreds of misspelled tags. The site moderators (and possibly hi-karma users) need the ability to be able to (in one action):-

  1. Rewrite misspelled tags to their correctly-spelled tag
    (creating the latter if necessary)
  1. Permanently removing the misspelled tag from the tag-list.

tags.odt (current list, ordered)

Tags have tremendous potential for searching the site, and therefore are terrific SEO for the site. However, without necessary management & cleaning they become useless.

Here are some examples (correct tag first):-

There are hundreds of examples of (empty) version tags, of which the above is simply the first example after being put in order. Most of the number-only tags are empty but, as soon as you have 2 variants of the same tag, their value is halved.

There are hundreds of tags that begin with an illegal character; I wonder how many new users have seen an example & entered it, then sworn when the system rejects it:

# is not a valid character at the beginning of tags, use only letters and numbers

There are many like this, and they drive me up the proverbial wall (I am deeply anal - which is what makes me so good with databases).

There are 5,629 6,236 tags (updated 2016-03-17). The greatest number need to be rewritten & removed. Thanks for reading. @alexanderwerner

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