Field format: customizable? [solved]

Can I avoid to have the field text with a gray background (I’d love to have a white one)?
Thank you


  • OS: Kubuntu 18.04
  • LO version:
  • Field: f.e. a text pasted (with: paste special → as DDE link) in a part of a file odt from another part of the same odt.

Please specify your question.
Which OS and LO-Version du you use?
Which fields do you mean?

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I cannot imagine a satisfying answer to the “why”. Can you help me?
(I need the shading to be able to distinguish fields with their specific functionality from ordinary text during editing. If I want to only present the “as is” I export to pdf or print the doc, and the shading is no longer shown.)

@Lupp : in my LibreWriter I had the background of fields too dark, so that I struggled to read the text. Light grey as background is enough to distinguish the field from the other text, but let me see comfortably the field text.


Here is the answer:

Modify option Field Shadings in Option -> Tools -> LibreOffice -> Application Colors -> Cat: Text Document according to your preferred color (here “White”)

Here is the advice: Do not hide existence of fields from your own attention.

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Perfect! Thank you very much! You’re right: a very light gray is better than white.