Fields in Text Boxes

I am trying to create a letter template in LibreOffice Writer.

Since I want it to work with windowed envelopes I thought I would create a text box at the point on the page where I want the address to be and fix it in place. So far so good.

But, to aid anyone using it I want to put a placeholder field with some text like 'Type to address here - press [shift][return] at the end of each line.

However when I try to do this all the field options are greyed out.

Is there some way that I can create what I want to achieve?


I use window envelopes for letters as it saves the additional printing of the envelope or labels.

You cannot put fields in a text box - use a Frame. I have attached the letter template that I use. I use a Basic macro to bring up input boxes for the entries and bookmarks set in the document where the input box text is placed. I originally created the template in MS Word and transferred it to Write.