File types docx and odt created in Writer don't work with MS Office 2010

I changed my OS from Ubuntu 12.04 to Mint 13 (Mate). When using LO Writer I have found that MS Word 2010 will not open document types DOCX and ODT created in writer although.DOC seems ok. .DOCX return an error saying “unspecified error /word/document.xml line 2 column 0”. .ODT says there is unreadable content but 2010 offers to repair the file, which seems successful.

The docx example is:

The odt is:

Looks similar to: LibreOffice-created doc, xls, docx, xlsx won't open with Microsoft Office

Take a look at fdo#51495

share the document and if you want this fixed if not we cant fix this

As noted above, bug filed as fdo#51495 - LibreOffice-created doc, xls, docx, xlsx won’t open with Microsoft Office

Current status of bug: ASSIGNED

(which is actually rather weird, because it’s not assigned TO anyone)

Todo: Resolve Question as BUG FILED.