Filter formating cells

I have a column of thousands of records whose cells are filled with text.
I can format as many duplicate entries (text color, background color, etc.)
What filter should I use to select the lines with a specific formatting (text background color, for example)?

You do not need to pre-format the duplicates with the color - this will only complicate the task and increase the amount of work. Just delete the duplicates, as shown in the answer to your previous question.

My friend thank you for your immediate answer but there is a problem… I WANT ONLY the unique recordings !! I do not want to keep value from duplicate … Can you help me with this?example{ pat, smith, johnson, pat, smith, smith}

the result (unique value)must be only: {johnson}

I use in my example other names - {Davos Seaworth, Khal Drogo, Davos Seaworth, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Samwell Tarly, etc} :slight_smile: Please see movie in previous question

You can use this spreadsheet - giveMeUnique.ods - as tool


Thank you my friend !!!