Find a value i a column and report last value the row with that previously found value


I have a worksheet with a list of sales done by my employees. The worksheet is linked to an export done by our store system which is in turn sorted using a pivot table.
What i would like to do is search said pivot table for a specific value in the first column (for example employee name), then find the last cell with a number in the same row as the previously found value. That value should be pasted in a cell in a different sheet.

The sheet in which the pivot table is located is sheet2 whereas the sheet in which i want the result to be pasted is sheet1. Could this be done easily?

Thanks in advance


If I understand, you can use the GETPIVOTDATA function (see help)

Help is easier to understand with an example. I join this ExtraireDonneesPilote.ods implementing different scenarios.

Please note, some examples used for the second pivot table depend on the locale (linguistic settings): e.g.

=GETPIVOTDATA("Sum - Sales";$E$27;"Ville";"Paris")

With french UI the label is Somme - Sales and not Sum - Sales


That worked perfectly! Thanks!