Find and Replace Highlight not working even tough color was taken from Document Palette - never finds any highlight color

In the find and the replace boxes I put nothing since I only want to change specific highlight colors, not the text.

I am using Libre Office on Linux Mint 19.3

The proposed way is exactly how I tried it but it displays search key not found, plus the symbol you see when entering a one way from the wrong side.

Here is the document. Thanks for everyone looking into my problem.


If the cursor is on a highlighted text, step 4 will show a remarck around the color in the palette. Also you can find the color choosing menu Format - Character… - Highlighting tab.

Tested with LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1. Will it be a problem with 7.0.2?

@relativeitis, What is the hexadecimal (Hex) code for the color of the highlighted text?

The colors I want to find are 800000 and 808080 I want to replace with ff0000. I tried searching all of them seperately, but never any result.

@relativeitis, Would you share the file? Delete all but a few text with/without the highlighting colors, save as with another name, edit your question, and use the paper clip at the bottom of your question to upload the file. Thanks.

I am thinking that the issue can be caused by corruption in the user profile. Can take a look at the guidelines at LibreOffice user profile - The Document Foundation Wiki.

So I tried creating a new document putting some highlights and find and replace them and it worked.
So I approached my documents and found that I can find and replace when I edit highlight colors in the source document manually(with the document colors).

So I guess the displayed document colors are somehow faulty, because the didnt give any result when I chose them, in the first place or its some problem related to opening with different text programs.

Finally I tried the Safe Mode as suggested there is exactly the same result I cant find the colors first taken from the document palette, when I exchange some manually I can find them. Very strange.

EDIT: Ill try to shorten and post one of the docs.

@relativeitis, Maybe something related to bug fdo#135857; but it sure is related to having saved the document in .docx format.

If you select the highlighted text, and choose the same highlight color, the text becomes white (the expected behavior when the highlight color is dark).

You could post a new bug report.

The .docx file format can handle significantly fewer highlight colors than ODF file formats can. (The other colors will be substituted when you save your document into the .docx file format.)

A possible solution:

Create your own (custom) palette with the .docx-compatible colors and use it when you need to work with a .docx file.

Hello @Zizi64, Is not an issue with the colors but with the .docx code that LibreOffice can’t translate. Both searched highlight colors are in the MSWord highlight colors palette.