Font Size in ChartTitle with UNO

How i can set a Font Size in a ChartTitle with UNO??

i have this:

aTitleProp = query_interface(XPropertySet, chartDoc.getTitle())
aTitleProp.setPropertyValue("String", "a titile")
aTitleProp.setPropertyValue("CharHeight", 16.0)

but this dont work…

i save my file:

xStorable = UnoRuntime.queryInterface(XStorable, xComp)
xStorable.storeToURL(url, None)

but de font size is diferent .

Where is the chart located? Writer, Calc, Draw,…? Is it an ordinary chart or something special like presentation chart or pivot table chart? It might be, that you need to call “update”.

On impress, the types of graph are pie and bar

I cannot reproduce your problem in Basic. I have attached a file with a Basic macro MacroToExamineChartInside.odp. Perhaps you find the problem, if you compare the steps in Basic with your macro.

Do you really have a title? The title has to be actually inserted into the draw page. Only afterwards you can change its properties. Only size and position can be set on the not inserted object.

in the next link you can found my code, this is jython becauses pyuno dont wok for me


in time of execution the title change of size , but when i sae the document and after i open again, the title size is diferent

From your code (lines 408-415), it appears that the condition not data[‘Agrupacion’] must be met to set the title size. Failure to meet this condition would apparently keep the size from being set. Can you confirm that this condition is met after opening the document again?

Yes, this condition work fine…

in time of execution the size of title change to value that i want … but in the reopen doc the title change the size to default