Footer on the last page

Hello World.

I’m new in this community, so this is my first post and that’s why please don’t be strict to me.

As you already understand by my first sentence, my English level isn’t good.

BTW, I try to explain my issue.

I got software based on cuba-platform.

There is a report where I need place footer only on the last page. The number of pages is not permanent.

It depends on data from the document which is stored in the program.

I just click on the button in UI and system gives me a file with .odt extension.

I have a Tepmlate File.odt where i place data anchor like





This is Output 1.odt, Output 2.odt,
Output 3.odt what system can gives me as result with fullfilled data from the document.

As you can see my footer

Nur Assanali


is placed only on the last page i.e. Output 1.odt has one page, footer is on the first page

Output 2.odt has two pages, footer is only on the second page

Output 3.odt has three pages, footer is only on the third page

i know how to do it in ms word using field codes.

It would be like { IF { PAGE } = { NUMPAGES } “${}” “” }

So: what is the expected result in these files (i.e., what is the footer that needs to be on the last page)? depending on that, it could be possible to suggest something.

Please see pierre-yves samyn’s discussion (and proposed solution) for a similar question. It includes a “conditional footer” sample document. There are other “last-page-footer” suggestions there, too.

Footer is “Nur Assanali
it is pulled from software.
It can be “Mile Kaganski and your phone number”
or “David and his phone number”.

I don’t know if it is possible using your generating software, but you could add a floating text box anchored to the paragraph after the table; and set its position relative to the page - in the footer’s area.

Here is a sample.

On the other hand: using the trick by @PYS mentioned by @dajare above, which is to display text on all but the last page using the next page number with custom format, it could be possible to make the footer fixed height, and use long string of whitespaces as custom format to move the actual footer text out of the visible area of the footer on all pages except the last. Sample for this.